And on to Operation Hecate!

Can you believe it? This is stunning. Thanks to the incredible outpouring of support for this project, we zoomed past our first stretch goal—Operation Ishtar—in only three days. Ishtar and Esther are booked! Thank you!!!

Now we’re into our second stretch goal. In the continuing spirit of total nerddom, we’re calling it:

Operation Hecate. (Imagine dark, atmospheric music.)

Our goal with Operation Hecate is to hit $9,000. That will fund four more costumes, including of course the amazing Hecate:


We’re very excited about this goal, because these costumes will be flat-out fantastic:

  • Hecate: the goddess of the crossroads, strongly associated with magic and sorcery. But she’s not evil: the ancients also revered her as a Great Goddess, and in some places she was worshipped as a protective household deity.
  • Marie Laveau: one of the most mysterious figures in American history, Marie Laveau was a powerful Voodoo priestess whose legend still haunts New Orleans.
  • Two more wild card costumes: backers will get to vote from our full list of possibilities, and we’ll also open the floor to more suggestions!

The outpouring of love for this project just goes to show how much pent-up demand there is for an alternative to Sexy Hamburger costumes. (Sexy Hamburger? Really?) Thanks to all of you for helping us bring diverse, creative, empowering costumes back to Halloween!



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  1. Dustanddenim


    May I make a suggestion for future costumes? I did one as a 1940s war officer, and I found a costume that was both gorgeous and practical (It was kind of cold at the time). Unfortunately, it’s for slender women as the largest size caters for a Us size 14 I think, which is such a shame.
    This is the one I used…

    But I found this gem as well …

    There are also fictional characters that are really kick-butt females but usually have tarty or inappropriate costuming. A Valkyrie? A brass breastplate, long skirt and viking helmet? Almost perfect. There’s Miss Fisher, a character in Kerry Greenwood’s mystery novels about a glamorous 1930s lady detective. The character is amazingly accomplished, always looks stunning in luxurious fabrics with sleek black bob and a knife (or pistol) in her garter (which I adore, incidentally)

    Actually the Costume Super Centre site is pretty good for costumes that don’t bear a lot of skin. There’s quite a lot of renaissance, neo-Victorian and medieval outfits that all but guarantee being covered up. Some tavern wench costumes could be adapted for a Hobbit costume and the steampunk costumes turned into an aviatrix costume.

    Oh my, I think I just a head spin from the ideas pouring out of my head!

    Just a few gems for you to percolate on, many thanks to you and yours for dreaming this website up in the first place and I hope the creative juices keep flowing!

  2. Gianna


    Yes! More scary costumes! I always enjoy dressing in scary costumes, but unfortunately the combo of “woman” plus “scary” usually ends up equaling “tiny black dress and themed headband”. I’ve always been properly horrified by Elizabeth B├íthory (1560 – 1614), who believed she could become younger by bathing in blood (giving her the nickname The Blood Countess). She is often cited as a contemporary of Vlad the Impaler (Count Dracula!).