Catching our breath

Hoo boy! Our first few days have been amazing. We’ve been linked by the Washington Post, tweeted and re-tweeted everywhere, Facebooked, and now covered by Echidne and The Widdershins. (And probably more, but we haven’t sorted through all the trackbacks.) Awesome. Huge thanks to all of you!

We still need to add our Glamour Grrl category, and as we get closer to Halloween, we’ll focus on some costumes that you can pull together super-quick.



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  1. Sarah


    I adore this website! What a fantastic resource. You have inspired me to throw a great Hallowe’en party every year for the rest of my life!
    Thank you!

  2. admin


    Thank you, Sarah! That’s so great to hear.

  3. Greenconsciousness


    The Minoan Queen is Ariadne. Her story has been twisted by the patriarchs but she is so relevant to this time and the middle eastern enslavement of women. To know the meaning of her archetype read: Ariadne by June Rachuy Brindel – hard to get now but worth the effort.

  4. Yuliya


    This is a great site. I applaud you. My real question is, do you take requests? :)

  5. admin


    Thank you very much, Yuliya. Sure, requests are fun! What did you have in mind?

  6. JuliaWilliams


    Yay, what a great site! And you are open to requests?!! May i recommend Anne Bonney and Mary Reade, and the rest of the pantheon of famous female pirates?

  7. admin


    We love pirates! We have Grace O’Malley on our list, but just haven’t gotten to her yet. We could add Anne Bonney and Mary Reade, too.

  8. Jenny Islander


    I would like to suggest Eva “Molly” Wei from Oban Star-Racers if you decide to add a Cosplay or Fictional Butt-Kickers or whatever category. She has the only character design I can think of in which the bare midriff actually has a point. She is wearing an official Wei Racing crew shirt and coverall, but in order to piss off Don Wei, she cut the bottom off of the shirt, took off the top of the coverall and let it hang, and dragged the bottom part down as far as she could without getting arrested. (I should mention that she is 15 and has a reason to be seriously torqued off at Don Wei that is tied to why she is dressed like one of his employees. Also, in her off hours, she wears comfortable baggy shirts.) A pair of Carhartt overalls, a khaki T-shirt with yellow stripes and shoulder markings added, work boots and gloves, some steampunk goggles, an old Discman painted pink, some face paint to duplicate Eva’s facial tattoos, and the help of a friend in getting her two-tone hair right would produce the look. Bonus: most of the costume components can be reused after Halloween is over.

    Despite being a naive, confused, and lost 15-year-old kid who is way out of her comfort zone and far out of her league, Eva manages to save Earth. And win a lot of races. Link:

  9. Yuliya


    Some suggestions are Athena (my fave goddess), Ada Lovelace (the woman who wrote the first algorithm for Babbage’s computational engine), Marie Curie(physicist and chemist) and Sofia Kovalevskaya (the first female Russian mathematician).

    Thanks for doing all this awesome work and research for these costumes. :)

  10. Jenny Islander


    Another suggestion: Sarah Jane Smith. Wig or hair ash-blond with gray highlights, just touching the shoulders, curled under at the ends–can’t remember the name of it yet. Sensible low-heeled boots, comfortable trousers or leggings and top, and a jacket with pockets. The sonic lipstick would take a bit of work–it should light up and make an annoying shrill noise. A bonus accessory: K-9, made to fit over a remote control car or else just a light model carried in the arms.

    Sarah Jane Smith, the fifty-something first time mum who kicks alien butt and saves the world.

  11. Chajiko


    Hullo! Just found your blog, and I have to say that I am SO glad to see other women out there pushing for a more creative, more exciting Halloween/costume experience. I’m on the Cosplay (Japanese animation and video games) end of things, but I have been pushing for innovation and imagination in female costuming for years, and have felt too darn alone! (My big thing is making a male costume feminine–without falling into the same, horribly boring old lame stereotype of “this male character is now a girl, and you know it because I’m showing a sickening amount of cleavage and wearing a miniskirt.”)