Contest judging interrupted by national catastrophe

To everyone who participated in our 2016 Costume Contest, rest assured that we will announce the winners soon. Pretty soon. As soon as I can pull myself together, basically. My goal is to announce the winners on Sunday.

This has been a devastating week. It’s still devastating. Take Back Halloween is, of course, a feminist site. Everything about this website is dedicated to empowering women and fighting sexism and racism.

The election this week proved that powerful women are still hated and feared in this country. It proved—if it still needed proving—that our country is awash in racism and xenophobia. It’s hard to be cheerful about a Halloween contest when America just elected the KKK candidate as president.

But it’s also all the more reason to continue. Take Back Halloween is about empowering women and girls of all races and ethnicities to claim—to insist upon—their full humanity. Sure, it’s just a costume site, but popular culture is where sexism and racism flourish. It’s where stereotypes go unchallenged, seeping into our brains and warping our society.

So Take Back Halloween will not only continue, it will get bigger. I promise you that.

First I just need to drink a pot of coffee and get this contest wrapped up.

With love to you all,




2 Comments → “Contest judging interrupted by national catastrophe”

  1. Laura



    Thank you for this heartfelt message, and for providing this space of inspiration, hope, and yes, fun! As a feminist, costume- and history-lover, I could not love this idea and site more!


  2. Suzanne Scoggins


    Thank you, Laura. I appreciate that very much. I’m so glad to have you in this community.