Enter our 2013 Costume Contest

Note: Winners have been posted here.


Our costume contest last year was such fun that we’re going to do it again this year. And this time with more prizes!

We’re thrilled to announce that five Amazon gift certificates have been donated for our costume contest this time. That means we can offer a prize in each of our costume categories, plus a Grand Prize for the best costume overall.

So whether you’re dressing up as Baba Yaga or Diana Ross or Grace O’Malley or Hypatia or any of the women in our costume categories, send us your pictures for a chance to win!


Best Notable Woman Costume = $25 Amazon gift certificate

Best Queen Costume = $25 Amazon gift certificate

Best Glamour Grrl Costume = $25 Amazon gift certificate

Best Goddess or Mythological Figure Costume = $25 Amazon gift certificate

Grand Prize for Best Costume Overall = $50 Amazon gift certificate


1. The photo(s) must be of you or a friend or family member in costume. If the photo is of a friend or family member, you must obtain their permission to submit it. You’ll need to tell us their name as well as yours, and note what your relationship is (sister, daughter, etc.).
2. The costume doesn’t have to be inspired by one of our Take Back Halloween designs, but we are more inclined to be impressed by one that is. The costume does need to fall into one of our four categories: a notable woman from history, a queen, a glamorous star, a goddess or mythological figure.
3. Please tell us what the costume is, in case we are too dense to figure it out.
4. The costume may be from this year or any previous Halloween.
5. You may enter more than once, if you have multiple costumes you want to share.
6. By submitting your photo, you are giving us permission to publish it on the Take Back Halloween website and on our Facebook page. You can send in multiple photos if you’re not sure what the best one is or if you need several angles to reveal the full glory of the costume.
7. Submissions should be emailed to contest@takebackhalloween.org.
8. The deadline for submissions is 11:59 pm EST on Friday, November 8, 2013.

Check out our 2013 Costume Contest album on Facebook to see the entries we’ve uploaded so far. We expect to publish the winners the week of November 11, 2013.