Glamour, gore, and oracles from the gods

We’ve been busy all week adding new costumes. Our Glamour section is up, with several opportunities for you to pile on a bunch of rhinestones and wear a long fancy gown. And it wouldn’t be Halloween without some gore, so we added a Lizzie Borden costume. (Yes, we think she did it.)

Our most recent costume is Themistoclea, the Delphic priestess who taught Pythagoras. We’re assuming she was the Pythia, the priestess who delivered oracles from Apollo. This costume would be great if you’d like to do some divining for friends, which is a traditional part of Halloween festivities. Just grab your laurel leaves and your bowl of water and you’re all set.

Halloween is only 9 days away!



6 Comments → “Glamour, gore, and oracles from the gods”

  1. anna


    You didn’t include Joan of Arc! Aww, she’s my favorite. And please do keep this site up after Halloween is over, in case people need ideas for costume parties and such.

  2. admin


    Joan is on our list! We just haven’t gotten to her yet.

    Yep, we plan to keep this up all year. We’re not sure yet how the item availability will work after Halloween, in terms of our links to costume stores and eBay and stuff. Some of these items are seasonal.

  3. votermom


    What a great site!
    For notable women, can I suggest Gabriela Silang? Philippine revolutionary leader in the 1700s.

  4. admin


    That’s an excellent suggestion. Thank you!

  5. babydyke


    Hey, this place is awesome! Maybe it’s kinda late to sugest, but I was sad not to see Marlene Dietrich on the glamor list. She’s so classy and her costumes were great for playing gender boundaries (nothing beats a woman in top hat and tails)! I was also disappointed you didn’t mention the lesbian connection on Sappho’s page–I know most of her work is lost, but “Sapphic” literature wouldn’t have it’s title without her.

    Thanks for putting this site together. You’re terrific.

  6. admin


    Thanks so much, babydyke! Marlene Dietrich is definitely on our list. We just didn’t get to her yet. Our list has hundreds of names, by the way, and that’s just from one brainstorming session. So far we’ve done 51 costumes. There are many more to come, and hopefully by next Halloween we’ll have made more of a dent in that list.

    Re Sappho—we just figured everybody already knew that. :)