Happy Halloween!

To everyone who has linked to our site and helped spread the word: thank you so much! The response has been absolutely staggering. We are definitely going to keep the site up all year and keep adding costumes.

To everyone who has visited for costume ideas and inspiration: thank you and HAVE FUN! Your costume is going to be great—and you will look marvelous.

Happy Halloween, everybody! Time to relax, free your imagination, and have a blast!



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  1. Halane


    Love this site! I wish I would have found this in time for my daughter’s Halloween party. We both dressed up. I’m posting this site in my calendar next October with a reminder to visit this site. I might also revisit during March and encourage my daughter and her friends to dress up one day during women’s history month. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Tracy Zhu


    This is a wonderful site and I hope you keep it going year round and continue to cover notable women of history and their attire. Your graphics are beautiful! Also, I found this site because you linked back to my own fledgling enterprise, http://www.tangozuluimports.com, which I really appreciate. Thanks for the shout-out and keep up the good work!

  3. Donna


    I love this site! I don’t even celebrate Halloween where I live, but it’s great to see an effort to counter the oversexualisation of women’s Halloween costumes (and dress-up costumes in general). It has been fascinating reading about important women in history and legend, whose contributions and existence tend to be ignored in general history lessons save for a token “women” section. It’s been an amazing history lesson. I’m so excited to read about them that a few women I’d love to see on the site alongside them come to mind:

    Juana Galán, who, since there was a shortage of men in her village, organised the women and successfully defended it from Napoleon’s troops.

    Maria Makiling, a famous Filipino diwata (forest fairy) who guards Mt. Makiling and its flora and fauna, and helps the villagers who live there. She is still associated with any strange occurrances such as disappearances on the mountain.

    There are many impressive female heroes in Filipino history, but if I were to pick one it would be Gregoria de Jesús, vice president of the women’s chapter of the Katipunan, the secret revolutionary society aiming for independence from Spain. Like many revolutionary Filipinas, she fought in battles, but she was also custodian of the Katipunan’s documents; without her, Filipinos would know very little about the organisation that led to the Phillipine revolution.