Happy October!

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It’s our favorite month.

Halloween is just 30 days away. Have you decided on your costume yet? Have you started thinking about your costume yet? Time to get cracking!

We’ve been incredibly busy this past month getting ready for the October rush. We uploaded brand new costume designs for Ixchel (the Maya goddess who’s going to destroy the world on December 21—kidding), Freyja (the chief goddess of the Norse pantheon), Isis (the Egyptian savior goddess of magic and motherhood), Fu Hao (amazing Shang Dynasty warrior queen), Puabi (queen in ancient Sumer—before the pyramids in Egypt were even built), Enheduanna (the first known author in the entire history of human civilization), and Marie de France (brilliant and influential poet at the court of Eleanor of Aquitaine).

We’ve also updated the sourcing for all our other costumes, replacing old product links and finding new items wherever necessary. Stuff is constantly selling out though, especially now that the costume season is shifting into high gear, so move fast if there’s something you really need for your outfit.

Plus we have new stuff coming down the pike:

  • A costume contest! Send in pictures of yourself in one of our costumes (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) for a chance to win a prize. We’ll announce the details later in October.
  • Theme party ideas (fantasy literary salon, ancient Egypt, etc.).
  • Three new costumes designs that are almost ready—if we can just find the time to finish them. One is a famous queen, one is a famous politician, and one is a famous inventor/movie star. Can you guess who?
  • And finally, a Kickstarter campaign and video to raise the funding for our next season.

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Stay tuned!



6 Comments → “Happy October!”

  1. Clarissa


    Love to hear from you! Eagerly awaiting more costumes and updates.

  2. Editor


    Thank you, Clarissa!

  3. Kim W.


    Wait….no Queen ELIZABETH i in the “Queens” category?

  4. Editor


    Oh, she’s on our list, Kim. We have a long, long list of names of people we’re planning to do costumes for.

  5. Hanna


    These costumes are super! I’ve finished the plans for my Sphinx costume (think Greek black-figure pottery) but I’d love to see your take in it as well.

  6. Editor


    Hanna, that sounds genius. We want to see a picture!