Kickstarter coming next week!

We are getting excited and nervous about our Kickstarter campaign, which we expect to launch next week. Nervous just because it’s a new thing and we’ve never done a Kickstarter before. But excited because we are so psyched about all the new costumes on the drawing board. We’re going to fund at least 15 new costumes, and the more money we raise, the more costumes we can add.

So you know all those suggestions you’ve been sending in for pirates and geeks and national heroines? They’re finally on the way. Here are a few of the costumes our Kickstarter is going to make possible:


We get more requests for pirates than anything else. And that’s saying something, since we literally get hundreds of suggestions for costumes. So we’re planning to add:

  • Grace O’Malley, the Sea Queen of Connaught
  • Anne Bonny and Mary Read, who sailed with the infamous Calico Jack
  • Ching Shih, the most successful pirate in history


Everybody loves the geek costumes, probably because female geniuses/scientists/inventors haven’t gotten nearly their due in the history books. So we’re adding:

  • Marie Curie, recipient of two Nobel Prizes
  • Rosalind Franklin, whose work on DNA was “borrowed” by Watson and Crick
  • Grace Hopper, who invented the compiler (the wheel + the alphabet + fire)
  • Hypatia, the last great pagan philosopher and mathematician

Queens and heroines!

Because you can never have too much awesome. At the top of the list are:

  • Queen Christina of Sweden, who shocked Europe with her crossdressing
  • The Trung Sisters, queens and national heroines of Vietnam
  • Amelia Earhart, and you know who she is

That’s 10 costumes right there, and people who join the Kickstarter will get to vote on the remaining 5 costumes (or more, if we raise more money).

The rewards are gonna be cool too. In order to have something tangible to send people, we’re designing unique mini-buttons for each of the women represented by our costumes. For example, the button for Enheduanna looks like the ancient Enheduanna Disk.

So watch this space!



2 Comments → “Kickstarter coming next week!”

  1. Nancy


    Thanks for compiling all of these fantastic costume ideas! What a great resource for Halloween, masquerade balls, and even school plays. It’s fantastic that you include such a wide variety of historical and mythological women, not to mention glamorous entertainers. Lots of good ideas for upcoming costume parties and masquerades.

    However, I will go out on a limb and predict that Josephine Baker’s infamous banana costume isn’t going to be featured. :-)

  2. alissa clough


    I can think of another legend: Mother Goose.