When Marlene Dietrich (1901-1992) appeared in white tie and tails in the 1930 film Morocco, audiences were mesmerized. It’s an incredible entrance: she strolls onto the stage with insouciant glamour, sings a song in French, throws back some champagne, and then steals a kiss from a lady in the audience. What a way to make a Hollywood debut! She was nominated for an Oscar for that film, and her status as an icon was sealed.

To channel Marlene Dietrich, you need full white tie: that means a tailcoat, top hat, etc., etc. Here are the pieces we suggest, from left to right:

1. Women’s costume tailcoat.
2. Top hat.
3. White tie and vest.
4. Women’s wing collar tuxedo shirt.
5. Women’s tuxedo pants.
6. Honey blonde flapper wig. If you don’t have curly blonde hair, this wig will fix you up.

We can’t resist including the famous clip from Morocco that introduced Marlene Dietrich to American audiences: