Meet Lasiren, the first new costume of our 2013 season

lasiren2013_costumeIsn’t she gorgeous? Lasiren (also spelled La Sirène) is the Haitian mermaid goddess of the sea. This is one of the two Special Request costumes from our Kickstarter campaign that we’ll be presenting this year. The wonderful backer who commissioned Lasiren prefers to remain anonymous, but thank you!

You can read all about Lasiren on her page. The costume isn’t difficult, but it does involve several components and a lot of craft paint. The level of complexity is about on par with our Freyja costume from last year. There’s no sewing, of course, but there is some pinning and gluing and painting. If you can work a safety pin and use a paint brush, you can make this costume.

Alternatively, if you have a readymade mermaid outfit that you’re happy with, you can certainly wear that instead. Just add a crown (because Lasiren is the queen of the sea) and ideally a golden horn of some kind. Even a glittery party horn would work, like the kind people blow at birthday parties and on New Year’s Eve. Drape on as much bling as you can—fake pearls, fake gold coins—to represent the sunken treasure that belongs to Lasiren, and voilà! You’re the mermaid queen!

P.S. Listen to the Haitian children’s song about Lasiren here.