New Kickstarter stretch goal!

It’s a Kickstarter tradition: if your project meets its original goal with time to spare, then you set an informal stretch goal. Yesterday our Kickstarter project met its original goal of $4,500 (YAY!) with six days to spare. So, a stretch goal is in order. Our choice for the stretch is pretty obvious, since I said in the video that “the more money we raise, the more costumes we can add.” So we’re bumping up our unofficial target from $4,500 to $4,800, which will enable us to add 16 new costumes instead of 15.

New Goal = $4,800 = 16 new costume designs

And remember, backers will get to vote on exactly which costumes do. We have a spreadsheet a mile long of suggestions and requests—everybody from Baba Yaga to Catherine the Great, from Annie Oakley to Zsa Zsa Gabor. All it takes is a $5 pledge and you’ll be enrolled as a voter.

(For the worrywarts: Note that Kickstarter stretch goals really are completely informal. Our project is considered officially successful at $4,500, and if we don’t make the stretch goal, it’s okay.)