Our Kickstarter has launched!

The past few days have been exciting and stressful, since we had to do an emergency server upgrade on Friday to cope with the traffic. And once we got on the new box, our host advised us that we really needed to be on an even bigger box, so then we moved again. But we’re all settled in now and ready to go.

So here it is: our Kickstarter!

Our goal is to raise $4,500 to add 15 brand new costume designs for 2013—pirates, geeks, and more general awesomeness. Check out our video:

Visit our Kickstarter project page to grab the embed code for the video and project links. Please share this around and help us spread the word!



4 Comments → “Our Kickstarter has launched!”

  1. Brandy


    Will one be Dr. Mary Walker? I admire her immensely, and have been contemplating her look. Hair loose, a sack coat or jacket from late 1860’s, a cane, and CONGRESSIONAL PERMISSION to wear trousers!

    I’m also tickled that you will have a Grace Hopper, she was my idol when I was on active duty.

    Love your site!

  2. Editor


    Oh, Dr. Mary Walker would be such fun!

  3. Erika


    After reading Guy Gavriel Kay’s books about the fictional city Sarantium, and then doing some research on the actual history of Bysantium (which Sarantium is based on), I would LOVE to see a costume based on the Empress Theodora. From a dancer to an Empress, and the way she handled the Nika riots – she’s interesting to say the least.

  4. P. Devlin


    Nice idea, as I get tired of all of the oversexualised costumes for women (as though that is all they can be), but what about, as it is the holiday of imagination, also dressing as male characters? I have a female friend who dressed as Voltaire, another as Captain Bligh etc. Why limit yourself?