Over 4 million page views later…Happy Halloween!

(UPDATE November 1, 2011: Make that “almost 5 million page views.” When I checked our server stats last night, we’d racked up almost 4.8 million page views in the past week.)

Happy Halloween, everybody!

When we launched this site last year, we garnered a lot of attention—links in the Washington Post and several high-profile feminist blogs.

But that was nothing compared to this year. This year we’ve gone viral. Our little website has received 4.5 million page views just in the past week. We’ve been on the front page of newspapers, talked about on radio, and covered in national magazines. We even had to do an emergency server upgrade to cope with the traffic.

Thanks to all of you for helping us Take Back Halloween. Be sure to bookmark us for next year so you’ll have plenty of time to get your costume together. We’re thinking of doing some contests and giveaways next year, too, for people who send in pictures of themselves wearing one of our costume designs.

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Have a wonderful Halloween!