Seventy-six years ago today…

July 2 is unofficial Amelia Earhart Day in the news every year, since it was on that day in 1937 that she and navigator Fred Noonan disappeared forever. TIGHAR is usually out on Nikumaroro Island this time of year, finding shoes or scrap metal or freckle cream jars. Did Amelia really end her days on Nikumaroro? I don’t know, but it’s a grim thought. From what I’ve read it’s a hellish place: no water, not much shelter, and a swarming population of coconut crabs the size of bobcats.

At any rate, in honor of Amelia we’ve picked today to publish our new Amelia Earhart costume. It’s suitable for Halloween or anytime you feel like dressing up as the most famous aviator in history:

Amelia Earhart costume