Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Kickstarter campaign is over, and you know what? WE MADE IT! And then some! Thanks to our wonderful backers and friends, we made our initial Kickstarter goal plus two stretch goals! We are so grateful for the support and incredibly excited about the costumes ahead. And the outpouring of love and good wishes towards our project has been incredibly encouraging. It’s been a joy to connect with so many like-minded souls who love history, mythology, geekiness, and the sheer fun of creating a great costume.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. It’s definitely a wonderful Thanksgiving for us. If you’re one of our backers, I’ll be in touch with you after the holiday to follow up on rewards and all that good stuff. News and announcements about the Kickstarter will be posted on the Updates page. And we’ll keep posting entries in the Costume Candidates series, which you’ll be voting on later to determine our full slate of 2013 costume additions.

Thank you for helping to Take Back Halloween, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!