Traffic spike

Hey everybody — if you’re seeing this, congratulations! We’re enjoying a massive traffic spike right now, and so you may have to refresh some pages to see all the images.



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  1. Paola Eisner


    Hey! I heard about your site through reddit. In light of traffic spikes (yay Halloween :) would you like to start a blog post that would allow viewers to post additional ideas for powerful/interesting women? Your images are fantastic, and a few of them make me think of a few more to add! I’m sure I can’t be the only one :)

  2. Editor


    That’s a great idea, Paola. We’ll put up a Suggestion Box post for just that purpose!

  3. Ann Amberly


    How about Emma Peel? She inspired a whole generation of young girls . . . pretty good for a fictional character!

  4. Lobi


    re: I read about this site on the Sydney Morning Herald story. There was the usual tabloid slant on the peice but, I decided to give your group the benefit of the doubt and have a look. I thought you may have something useful to contribute.
    I love how you present the historical option for womens costumes. I take issue with the attack on fearlessness used as the rational when it should be celebration of strong women. People are suddenly coming here because of sensationalist journalism, I see little reason to take pride in that.
    Lena Horne wore some great costumes during her career. Good luck.