Welcome, new readers (and hello, traffic spike)

Welcome, new people! We are having another massive traffic spike right now, so you may have trouble seeing all the images on our pages. You may have trouble seeing the pages, period! Sorry about that—just refresh the page if you need to. We’re here.



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  1. Kelly


    I absolutely love this site! I tried to make a statement one year by dressing as the sexy lunch lady – I bought one of those medicinal blue dresses, hemmed it and tightened it and wore it with a push up bra, fishnets, those old lady shoes, a hairnet, a penciled in mustache and unibrow and carried a bucket of jello (potato salad makes me gag). It was definitely the ugliest/scariest costume but I think my message was lost…

  2. Editor


    I think your costume sounds hilarious! Amazing if people didn’t get it.

  3. Christa


    My friend just shared your site on Google+ and I love it so much! I already have my Halloween costume finished for this year but your site has inspired me to throw an “Awesome person from History” party in the upcoming year. I love that you include the research about these fabulous women and reasoning on what options you chose for the costume, as well as the resources for where to find the items. You are awesome!