Welcome to Operation Ishtar!

Thanks to our wonderful backers, we’re now into the stretch goal phase of our Kickstarter. And because we’re total nerds, we have a name for it: Operation Ishtar.

So, welcome to Operation Ishtar!

The outpouring of enthusiasm for our project (and btw, we were just linked by Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, which is the coolest thing ever) means that we’ve blown past our initial goal and are now into stretch goal territory. And that means more amazing costumes!

Our goal with Operation Ishtar is to hit $7,000, which will unleash all kinds of awesome:


Think of it!

  • Inanna-Ishtar: the Ur-Goddess, the amazing Sumerian Queen of Heaven who was worshipped for 4,000 years, and whose image lives on in countless ways.
  • Queen Esther: the heroine of the Biblical Book of Esther, whose story is celebrated every year at Purim. People have been asking us for a Queen Esther costume since we started; now’s our chance!
  • Two more wild card costumes: backers will get to vote from our full list of possibilities—from Nefertiti to Elizabeth I, from Guinevere to La Llorona, from Ida B. Wells to Isadora Duncan.

Thanks to all of you for helping to bring diverse, creative, empowering costumes to women and girls. Thank you for helping us Take Back Halloween!



3 Comments → “Welcome to Operation Ishtar!”

  1. Kelly


    Just throwing this out there. Info on a king of Poland who was a woman.

  2. Suzanne Scoggins


    Jadwiga! Yes, she was cool. And what a beautiful dress in that picture. I’ll make sure she’s on our list of costume candidates. Thanks, Kelly.

  3. Monica


    I think what you guys are doing to awesome :D

    I know it’s not on the list at all, but I wanted to suggest maybe considering some traditional halloween costumes as well in the future (witch, pumpkin, frankenstein- or bride of, mummy, you get the idea). I’ve noticed that even the traditional ones are turning “sexy” which is pretty ridiculous.

    I do have to say that I love all these ideas so much. Bringing some culture back to halloween is awesome! Thanks for all the hard work! :)