Last-minute Demeter

In the final run-up to Halloween, we’re offering tips on how to do last-minute, stripped-down versions of some of our popular costumes.

Demeter2015_costumeDo you have a sheet? Do you have food? Can you get some leaves (the kind that grow on trees)? If at least two of those things are true, then you can be Demeter, the goddess of the earth and the bountiful harvest.

Our full-blown Demeter costume is shown at right. Here’s the last-minute version:

  • Take a bedsheet of any color and wrap it around you as a chiton. It doesn’t have to be green. (The chiton instructions are on the Demeter page. It’s just a bedsheet and safety pins.)
  • Get some leaves (fake or real) and stick them on your head.
  • Look in your refrigerator or stop by the grocery store and get some pretty produce—maybe a bunch of grapes, an eggplant, some leafy stuff, a pomegranate, an apple. Maybe get a nice looking baguette, too, for the wheat angle. Arrange this stuff in a basket (of any shape) and carry it with you.

    Alternatively, you could pile up some Halloween candy in your basket and carry that.

Ta da! You’re Demeter.

You can add flowers to your outfit if you want (in your hair, in your basket, on your clothes), and pin additional leaves on yourself. It’s easy. Just think of yourself as an ancient Greek Mother Nature. And except for the bedsheet, you can get everything you need at the grocery store.

The produce aisle:  your source for fine Halloween costumes.  Seriously.

The produce aisle: your source for fine Halloween costumes. Seriously.


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