Voting Results: Part 1 of 2

The results are in for the 7 new costumes! Today I’m going to tell you about the first 6 because those are easy; tomorrow I’ll tell you about the 7th place tiebreaker. Ready?

The first 6 are easy because they were far and away the favorites. Interestingly, the voting pattern was the same both with the official Kickstarter votes and in the popular straw poll. I think that means the Hive Mind has spoken. So, here are the top 6:

  1. The Morrigan. Huge winner all around.
  2. Baba Yaga. A close second!
  3. Annie Oakley. A surprise to me, since I really didn’t know she would be this popular. But she’s way popular.
  4. Hedy Lamarr. This one does not surprise me.
  5. Artemis. Nor does this one.
  6. Queen Mab. Yay! Yay! Yay! (Can you tell I was personally rooting for this one?)

Here are the links to their Costume Candidate profiles:

The MorriganBaba Yaga

annie-oakleyHedy Lamarr

artemisQueen Mab

Tune in tomorrow for part 2, when I’ll tell you about the fight to the death for 7th place.


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