Voting Results: Part 2 of 2

(Following on from Part 1.)

Okay, you know how I said we would use the results in the unofficial poll to break any ties in the official vote? That’s exactly what happened.

There were three names tied for 7th place in the Kickstarter vote: Queen Liliuokalani, Empress Theodora, and Catherine the Great. Liliuokalani and Theodora were neck and neck throughout the whole week of voting, and I kept expecting it to break for one of them. Instead they ended up in a three-way tie with Catherine the Great. (Eleanor of Aquitaine was next in line, just a few votes back, in case you’re wondering.)

And thus we turned to the unofficial poll. No tie there: it was Liliuokalani all the way. She was really popular with our Facebook friends and fans, garnering almost twice as many votes as any other queen. So we’re bowing to the Hive Mind and naming Queen Liliuokalani as our number 7.

However, I promise that Empress Theodora and Catherine the Great will be first in line for next season!



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