It’s voting week!

The official ballots have gone out to all our Kickstarter backers to vote on the 7 new costumes their support is making possible (that’s in addition to the 10 costumes already announced and the two special commissions). We’re also inviting all of our friends and fans to vote in an unofficial straw poll that’s open to the public:

Costume Straw Poll

Just because it’s unofficial doesn’t mean it’s unimportant. We’ll use the results to break any ties in the official vote and to plan for new costumes next season. So please vote!

Here are links to the 21 Costume Candidates we’ve profiled over the past several months:

Notable Women:


Bessie ColemanHedy Lamarr

Huang DaopoLady Montagu

Goddesses and Legends:

artemisBaba Yaga


JunoMara Makiling

Queen MabThe Morrigan



Eleanor of Aquitaineelizabeth-i




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