Xi Wang Mu, the “Queen Mother of the West,” is the fairy goddess of Chinese lore. She lives in a jewel-encrusted palace on a solid gold mountain far to the west, where she is attended by jade maidens. She flies on the back of a crane, keeps bluebirds as messengers, and grows the Peaches of Immortality in her garden. Though you can’t tell from the picture above, she’s believed to have long white hair, symbolic of longevity.

Our costume design uses a kimono to approximate the look of ancient Chinese clothing. (This works because the kimono itself was inspired by Chinese dress.) The pieces we suggest, from left to right:

1. Two satin lounge gowns in lavender and chocolate. This is your base layer. You’re going to wear both of them: the chocolate on top of the lavender. Or vice versa, depending on your taste. These will show at the bottom of your kimono, giving you a full-skirted multi-layer look.
2. Ivory kimono. It comes with an obi, which is great except for the pre-tied bow in back. You’ll want to remove that, since it looks too Japanese. Just wear the flat obi around your waist.
3. Phoenix crown. This is a modern bridal crown, but it will work fine for the Queen of the West. China Cart carries a variety of other crowns in all price ranges.
4. Long white wig. Let it flow down your back and over your shoulders.
5. Peach Blossom Spray. To carry with you.


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