Get ready to put on your thinking caps

If you’ve been following along you know that of the 19 new costumes we’re introducing this year, 7 are to be voted on by our Kickstarter backers and supporters. I think of those as the People’s Choice costumes. The way things are shaping up, we’re going to go ahead and try to get the voting done for the 7 People’s Choice costumes by the end of this month. That way we’ll be able to figure out the work plan for the season. We’ll resume publishing the little mini-bios in the Costume Candidates series so everybody knows who the nominees are, and then we’ll figure out how to run the poll.

To recap, here are the Costume Candidates we’ve published so far:

Bessie ColemanHuang Daopo

Hedy LamarrLady Montagu

SeondeokMara Makiling

Baba YagaQueen Mab

The MorriganJuno

At the same time that we’re doing this, of course, progress is continuing in our secret workshop on the other costumes. We published Lasiren earlier this week, and we’re working on a second Special Request costume commissioned by another wonderfully generous Kickstarter backer. We’re also working on the 10 costumes already announced (Grace O’Malley, Anne Bonny and Mary Read, Zheng Yi Sao, Hypatia, Marie Curie, Grace Hopper, Rosalind Franklin, Queen Christina of Sweden, the Trung Sisters, and Amelia Earhart).