Happy Halloween, post-apocalyptic edition

The big day is finally here, though in several states battered by Hurricane Sandy, the celebrations are on hold. Lots of communities are putting off Halloween until this Saturday, while New Jersey has officially postponed the holiday until Monday. On the other hand, many New Yorkers have decided to just have Halloween tonight anyway, which […]


Why Dan Savage is wrong about Sexy Halloween

Whenever I look at Halloween costumes for women these days, I think of Valentina Tereshkova. Tereshkova was the first woman in space, a Soviet cosmonaut who made history when she flew the Vostok 6 into orbit on June 16, 1963. The Soviet press at the time made much of Tereshkova, highlighting her proletarian background and […]


Enter our 2012 Halloween costume contest and win a $50 Amazon gift certificate

Before Hurricane Sandy shuts down our power and yours, here’s a thing you need to know (apart from what to pack for your emergency evacuation): Our 2012 Halloween costume contest is here! Send in a photo of yourself (or a friend or family member) in costume for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate […]


Costume contest: what should the prize(s) be?

We’re going to invite everybody to send in a picture of themselves in costume this Halloween, with prize(s) to be awarded for the best costume. But what should the prize(s) be? Should we offer the same swag we’re offering with our Kickstarter campaign (unique buttons for each of our costumes and a mind-blowing “Epic of […]


Press Release: Why be Sexy Big Bird when you can be Hatshepsut?

PRESS RELEASE Why be Sexy Big Bird when you can be Hatshepsut? FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 25, 2012 — Halloween costumes for women tend to fall into two categories: Sexy and Sexier. But a website called Take Back Halloween is bucking the trend. Launched in 2010, the site is a free how-to guide with instructions […]


Our Kickstarter has launched!

The past few days have been exciting and stressful, since we had to do an emergency server upgrade on Friday to cope with the traffic. And once we got on the new box, our host advised us that we really needed to be on an even bigger box, so then we moved again. But we’re […]


Emergency server upgrade!

If you’ve had trouble loading this site in the past 24 hours, it’s because we had a massive traffic spike, immediately followed by an emergency server upgrade to cope with said massive traffic spike. But if you’re seeing this now, it means everything has moved to the new server and the series of tubes has […]


Kickstarter coming next week!

We are getting excited and nervous about our Kickstarter campaign, which we expect to launch next week. Nervous just because it’s a new thing and we’ve never done a Kickstarter before. But excited because we are so psyched about all the new costumes on the drawing board. We’re going to fund at least 15 new […]


Sexy Joan of Arc. God help us.

Okay, I think some kind of line has been crossed. This is too much. Ladies (and gentlemen), I give you: Sexy Joan of Arc. Because what’s hotter than being burned at the stake? Allow me to remind that you Joan was only 19 years old when she was executed. Burned alive. Whatever you think of […]


Bedsheet costumes

We were thinking about doing this closer to Halloween, but the awesome shout-out today from The Mary Sue (thank you!) prompted us to go ahead and post it now: bedsheet costumes. That’s right, costumes you can make with a bedsheet. The reason you can get away with using a bedsheet for ancient costumes is because […]

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Happy October!

It’s our favorite month. Halloween is just 30 days away. Have you decided on your costume yet? Have you started thinking about your costume yet? Time to get cracking! We’ve been incredibly busy this past month getting ready for the October rush. We uploaded brand new costume designs for Ixchel (the Maya goddess who’s going […]


Kicking off the 2012 Halloween season

Hi, everybody! It’s Friday, August 31, and Halloween is exactly two months away. We’re back for another season of costuming, with some cool new designs and lots of fun stuff coming up. Last year was amazing. We had 5 million page views the week of Halloween, our server spontaneously combusted, and we were covered by […]