The time to plan your Egyptian costume is now

Thinking of going as Hatshepsut this Halloween? Or maybe Isis? Time to get on the stick! We found a cool eBay store in Egypt that sells wonderful beaded collars, just like the pharaohs wore (well, not just like the pharaohs wore, but better than the cheapo fabric pieces you get in Halloween stores). But their […]


Welcome to Year Two of Take Back Halloween!

Halloween Season 2011 is upon us. It’s the week after Labor Day, and the stores are starting to stock up on costumes. For us, it’s Year Two of our project to Take Back Halloween! The response to our website last year was incredible, and this year we’re working overtime to make it even bigger and […]


Happy Halloween!

To everyone who has linked to our site and helped spread the word: thank you so much! The response has been absolutely staggering. We are definitely going to keep the site up all year and keep adding costumes. To everyone who has visited for costume ideas and inspiration: thank you and HAVE FUN! Your costume […]


We’re going to be on the radio!

Or at least I am. This coming Saturday I’m going to be interviewed on “The F Word,” a feminist radio show in Vancouver. Here’s the program description: Oct 30 – ‘Native’ isn’t a costume. Moving beyond sexy nurses and cultural appropriation: The F Word’s Halloween Extravaganza! Featuring an interview with the creators of Take Back […]


Glamour, gore, and oracles from the gods

We’ve been busy all week adding new costumes. Our Glamour section is up, with several opportunities for you to pile on a bunch of rhinestones and wear a long fancy gown. And it wouldn’t be Halloween without some gore, so we added a Lizzie Borden costume. (Yes, we think she did it.) Our most recent […]


Catching our breath

Hoo boy! Our first few days have been amazing. We’ve been linked by the Washington Post, tweeted and re-tweeted everywhere, Facebooked, and now covered by Echidne and The Widdershins. (And probably more, but we haven’t sorted through all the trackbacks.) Awesome. Huge thanks to all of you! We still need to add our Glamour Grrl […]


Welcome to Take Back Halloween!

It’s our first blog post, so we’ll start by tipping the hat to all those blogs and posts that inspired us to start this site: College Candy College Fashion Echidne of the Snakes FatGrrl Feminist Mormon Housewives Filthy Grandeur HillZoo I Blame The Patriarchy Jezebel Ms. Magazine Rachel Simmons Salon The Sexist Sociological Images Stiletto […]